Interwoven is the textile fair held by the International Textile Alliance. It is one of the largest textile shows held twice a year (May and November) in Highpoint, NC. Once again Springs Home created beautiful fabrics that were inspired by Baxter Mill Archive. 

Thank you Ashlyn Beck! She is the Creative Director responsible for creating such an incredible showroom! The following are Springs Home trends along with a few designs from Interwoven.

Ancestral Alchemy

Trend driven by tradition. Bringing ancient techniques into the modern day through purposeful design. 

There is a storytelling aspect with notes of ancient sources and wisdom.

FARO: Reveals chalky layers of the past. This design was taken from a decorative mulberry bark cloth, that originated in New Guinea. The red paint used in the original likely came from a paint or plant dye. If black was used, it came from tree sap. The people of New Guinea would construct this bark cloth into masks, loincloths, and skirts.

PEREGRINE: Timeworn patterns that open your eyes to the raw beauty found in unevenness.

STANZA: Geometric that, next to everything, is contrastingly structured into symmetrical repetitions

MARIANA: Keeps the tradition of the cut pile aesthetic in a Kuba cloth. Kuba cloths were made by the men of the Congo and are panels of woven raffia. Women take great pride in embroidering the squares

Nautical Narrative

This collection uses the influence of Japanese design and Indian block printing in a new way. These designs offer a coastal vibe but meet the needs of updated styling.

CHANLUU: Represent Japanese culture in a fresh way. These original designs styles would be used to make kimonos or home textiles

ALMA:  Exotic Floral Indian block printing

OPHI: Fresh take on Indian block printing

JOSAS: Asian Tropical Toile


This trend is melodic and familiar. It honors a comforting reminisce of the past and refined repetitions with the appeal of quiet living.

AVEDON: Abstract flame stitch look.

KATAN: This soft check look was inspired by an original vintage yarn dye.

GISHI: This is representative of the refined repetitions highlighted in this trend.

HAROM: Refined geometric


Reimagines the values of old-world charm and modern-day style. Explores multi-generational relationships, the hobby of collection, and revived value to preloved pieces. This trend merges maximalism and cottage core, in inviting colors that seem mysterious from afar.

JUANA: A traditional design crafted with an intentional hand. Original documents a Matelasse printed design

SWEENEY: Inspired by 19th Century exotic woodblock repetitions

CASSANDRA: Romantic design that is a good representation of the cottage core/maximalism trends. This design was inspired by a vintage wallpaper

XIRENA: Small portion of an Exotic woodblock.

Creative Radicalism

Digitally crafted designs, elevated to a modern aesthetic. These designs have a hazy disruptiveness with a diffusing gradient agent.

SAULT: Inspired by a textured abstract retro jacquard

ARTEMIS: Inspired by a textured abstract geometric jacquard

PLINTH: Inspired by a textured hand-painted art